Take A Ride On The Bang Boat!
Say Hello to Captain Poon!
Hey Dudes, come along with me, Captain Poon, as we travel the seas in search of sweet mermaids looking for a fun little boat ride. Little do they know they will end up face down, ass up, with my huge cock pounding them in the BANG BOAT! Watch as we fuck these stupid broads silly then dump them off surfside miles from home! All our content is exclusive and can only be viewed here! WE CATCH NEW FISH WEEKLY!
Cherry gets ready to hoist Captain Poon's mast!
Cherry - "Aye Matey! Dicks Ahoy!"
Lovely Hermosa beach yields a sweet sweet crop with this hot natural redhead - Cherry! We found our surfer girl shopping for a bargain at a local clothing store. Asked if she'd like to come out on our boat for the afternoon she was quick to agree. 
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